Power Plant Process

The Entity has a Power plant of 38 MW per hour Power generating capacity for its captive use. Out of that 14 MW per hour is waste heat recovery-based power and 24 MW per hour is Fossil fuel-based power. It consists of the following major equipment and processes.

Waste heat recovery Boilers:

The entity has two Sponge Iron Kilns of capacity 500 TPD and 200 TPD at the downstream of which 55 TPH and 30 TPH Waste heat recovery boilers are installed respectively to generate 14 MW/Hr Electricity. These boilers use the waste heat from the exhaust flue gases of the sponge Iron kilns to evaporate the DM water circulating inside them to generate high-pressure super-heated steam.

Coal fired Boilers:

The entity has two Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion (AFBC) Type Boilers of 90 TPH each to generate the rest 24 MW/Hr of the Electricity. The major fuel for these boilers is Waste Dolochar generated from sponge Iron Kilns. They also use Rejected coal fines, Washery rejects, and Inferior coal to subordinate and evaporate the DM water circulating inside them to generate high-pressure superheated steam.

Common steam distribution System:

Steam with the same pressure and Temperature thus generated from all the boilers is connected to a common steam distribution header from which it is distributed to Turbines as per their capacity and requirement.

Steam Turbine Generator Sets:

The Entity has two STG sets of capacity 8 MW and 30 MW per hour generating capacity.

  • High energy steam from common distribution header is directly impinged on moving blades of the Steam Turbine to rotate the Turbine Rotor assembly at high speed which is connected to the Gera box and Generator.
  • The speed of the Turbine is controlled by a highly sophisticated Hydro Electronic Governing system.
  • The speed of the turbine is matched with that of the low-speed generator with the help of a step-down gearbox without compromising the torque transmission resulting in Power generation.
Power distribution:

Electricity produced at 11 KV voltage by the generator due to rotation of its rotor at constant speed but different torques are distributed to the captive consumption units like Ferro Alloys, Steel melting shop, Rolling Milling and Sponge Iron.

Import Power:

TThe entity is a designated power consumer and has grid connectivity at 132 KV voltage with 11 / 132 KV transformers for minimized disturbances. As the captive generation is not sufficient for all the units to perform at their rated capacities, the entity imports the balance of the power required for them from the State electricity board.