Our Infrastructure

We believe in empowered infrastructure, in the process of becoming leaders in the value chain process. The rolling mill epitomizes quality and productivity. The company operates 1.8 LTPA capacities TMT Rebar Mill. The Mill produces high strength bar confirming to IS 1786:2008 Fe 415D, 500, 500D, 550, 550D grades. This modern mill is designed in a straight line with no twist on Thermex technology with automatic tying & bundling system with complete automation to produce TMT bars ranging from 6 mm to 40 mm diameter size which are suitable for high strength applications.
Through effective tagging of each bundle of steel, a three-stage quality process has been internalized so that we inspect, approve, and keep a track of our steel, resultant to which only the best reaches our end consumers and community-at-large.

The key raw material i.e. billets come from our captive induction, making it easier to ensure consistency and sticking to the best-in-class quality. In order to offer a complete service to the reinforced concrete industry, here the steel is subjected to rigorous mechanical, visual and chemical tests.
TMTNEXT uses experienced, expert staff to undertake assessments of management systems, production techniques and on-site manufacturing activities. In this stage, the brand is subjected to an initial assessment and continuous monitoring by regular surveillances on all critical parameters, such as temperature, time, structural and dimensional accuracy, to name a few.
A highly advanced quality-testing laboratory equipped with highly sensitive and contemporary equipment, such as Spectrometer Analyser, Computerised UTM machines etc, test the physical and chemical properties of the TMT bars ensuring only those meeting our high standards. In TMTNEXT, hot charging done from CCM of Billets in the rolling mill, which is energy efficient, reduces scaling, and productively shrinks the time of production, making it a more planned and effective affair.