Management Desk

Mr. Gopal Prasad Agrawal

The Managing Director

Mr. Gopal Prasad Agrawal the Managing Director, brought a relevant industry experience of 30 years and built a strong foundation pillar of the company. He closely directs the firm's crucial banking, finance, and investment activities with a strong technical background in commerce. He supervises the company's, corporate planning and functions. Under his guidance and efforts, the manufacturing and industrial units in Chhattisgarh are running successfully.

Vijit Agrawal
Mr. Vijit Agrawal

The Joint Managing Director

Mr. Vijit Agrawal, the Joint Managing Director, brings rich techno-commercial experience to the table. He is an electrical engineer who has pushed the firm to new heights with his sharp business acumen and skills.
He believes that, "Success comes to those who have clear vision and goal in focus and they go for it no matter what".